the Daily Mirror's personal finance editor, has worked on Fleet Street for more than 30 years. She has won numerous top awards for her ability to explain complex financial issues to readers in a no-fuss straightforward manner and for her contribution to financial education. She is passionate about helping people to know the pitfalls and understand the basics when it comes to money issues to give them the confidence to choose products and isn't afraid to take on the big boys to fight a readers cause. You can join in her 15 minute Financial Fixes running throughout the day and arrange a one-to-one session to chat over your money concerns.

Tricia says: “I can't wait to get back out on to the road to meet and help peole with their financial concerns. Face-to-face is the best way to get to the bottom of people's money issues, to help debunk some of the financial jargon and help people to get on top of their finances. This roadshow will be fun as well as informative – so a perfect combination for a great family day out.”


Andrew has spent 25 years in the personal finance industry and is a respected personal finance commentator and journalist.

He has many years experience of helping people manage their money including finding the best deals on anything from savings and current accounts to loans, mortgages, travel money and credit cards.

After years working for likes of Barclays Bank and Virgin Money, Andrew moved to media based roles with Moneyfacts  and Moneynet before setting up his own
Andrew wrote the weekly ‘Money Insider’ column for The Independent for almost seven years and still writes frequently for The Daily Mirror and a number of money websites.

Andrew says: “Just because money is tight it doesn't mean you and the kids can't have a fun time this summer - we've got plenty of hints and tips to help you enjoy the school holidays without breaking the bank.

Often people say they are too busy to take a close look at their finances but we can show you some surefire quick and easy ways to take the pressure of your household budget and get you into the savings habit.

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